MonoFlex Dual-Connection Fracturing Fluid Delivery Technology

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Reduce risks, rig-up time, and NPT

MonoFlex dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology speeds up multiwell pad rig-up, reduces nonproductive time, and limits HSE risks with a flexible, erosion-resistant conduit that couples the fracturing manifold to the frac tree. It accommodates the pressures, flow rates, and erosion characteristics of fracturing fluids while significantly reducing the number of flowlines and connections. A safer and more streamlined alternative to conventional fracturing fluid delivery equipment on multiwell pads, this technology optimizes the delivery of proppant and fracturing fluid from the pump spread to the wellbore.

MonoFlex Dual-Connection Fracturing Fluid Delivery Technology

Expedite mobilization by minimizing connections

MonoFlex technology features a robust and flexible high-pressure system with only two connections—a significant reduction compared with the 12 to 30 required for conventional systems. This new technology

  • eliminates the potential to mismatch equipment
  • simplifies rig-up
  • eliminates excess flowlines
  • decreases NPT by reducing the number of possible leak paths
MonoFlex Technology Specifications
Nominal Diameter, in Max. Working Pressure, psi [MPa] Max. Injection Rate, bbl/min [m3/min] Temperature Range, degF [degC]
5 15,000 [103.4] >100 [>15.8] –40 to 158
[–40 to 70]

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