Carbonate Formations

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Understand and address the specific challenges that carbonates present

Understanding and addressing the specific challenges and technical risks that carbonates present has put Schlumberger at the forefront of technology development to meet the challenges presented by carbonate formations, and to help our customers optimize productivity. Because of the complex nature of carbonates, Schlumberger has a variety of solutions for optimum stimulation.

OpenPath Stimulation Services

Multistage Fracturing Services

Carbonate Fluids

Scale Control

Remove and prevent scale within wellbores and the reservoir.

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Extend Stimulation Reach in Carbonate Reservoirs

OpenPath Reach Extended-Contact Stimulation Service
OpenPath Reach extended-contact stimulation service improves production from carbonate reservoirs with slow-reacting acid in engineered matrix or fracture treatments. Visit OpenPath Reach Service page

MaxCO3 Acid System Enables Uniform Stimulation in Carbonate Reservoirs

MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system
The single-step MaxCO3 Acid system combines particulate and viscosity-based diversion techniques for temporary, nondamaging acid diversion.
Visit MaxCO3 Acid System page