MaxCO3 Acid Degradable Diversion Acid System

Optimize treatment design, operational costs, and production—reduce total diverter and acid usage

Stimulating naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs with high permeability contrasts is challenging. Achieving uniform stimulation coverage and fluid loss control requires effective, nondamaging diversion. Ineffective stimulations can amplify the permeability contrast, making subsequent stimulation treatments even more difficult. The self-diverting MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system has been shown to optimize treatment design, operational costs, and production while reducing total diverter and acid usage per net pay.

PEMEX Uses MaxCO3 Acid System to Increase Sustained Oil Production 700%

MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system helped remove reservoir damage and overcome contrasting permeability, delivering a sustained production of 254 m3/d, up from 32 m3/d. Read case study

Divert and stimulate in one step

The MaxCO3 Acid system, a viscoelastic surfactant in HCl blended with degradable fibers, provides temporary diversion and uniform acidizing treatments in a single step. The acid develops viscosity as it spends in the formation, while the fibers create an impermeable fiber network that blocks injectivity to thief zones and forces stimulation fluid into lower-permeability zones.

Form a temporary, nondamaging barrier

After treatment, the base fluid systems break on contact with hydrocarbons or solvents during flowback. The fibers completely degrade over time, producing a weak acid that continues to stimulate the well. This allows poststimulation production contribution from previously diverted areas and eliminates the risk of costly cleanout interventions.

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MaxCO3 Acid System Revives Nonproductive Well

Case study: MaxCO3 Acid
Degradable diversion acid helped PEMEX achieve uniform stimulation and sustained production of 175 m3/d in problem well. Read case study 

MaxCO3 Acid System Enables Uniform Stimulation in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

MaxCO3 Acid Degradable Diversion Acid System
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