StimMORE Fiber-Laden Diversion Fluid

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Restimulate horizontal wells with real-time microseismic fracture mapping and dynamic diversion technology

StimMORE fiber-laden diversion fluid combines fluid-based, tool-free fracture diversion technology with StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service. Microseismic data delivered while the fracture treatment is pumped allows real-time optimization of fracture treatments. StimMORE diversion fluid is suited to horizontal well multiple-frac completions, both cased hole and open hole.

StimMORE diversion fluid has been developed for use primarily in the Barnett Shale formation in North America, where the temperature range is between 160 and 250 degF and where narrow fracture widths less than 4 mm are expected.

StimMORE diversion slurries can be pumped on the fly as part of the main treating fluid, diverting the fracture as needed. By using a multicomponent blend of degradable materials, StimMORE slurries temporarily block fractures, diverting fluid flow and inducing the creation of additional fractures along the wellbore. The slurries degrade completely after the fracturing treatment has been completed and leave no residual formation damage.

Complete multiple fracture stages without costly intervention

In refracturing treatments, where wells have existing perforations in place, StimMORE diversion fluid provides an innovative solution for fracture diversion when traditional methods such as bridge plug placement are no longer possible.

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StimMORE Fiber-Laden Diversion Fluid
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