PerfFRAC Shale Gas Dynamic Fluid Diversion Service

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Maximize reservoir potential through high-rate fracture stimulation treatments

PerfFRAC shale gas dynamic fluid diversion service involves high-rate fracture stimulation treatments down the casing with a perforating gun assembly in the wellbore. The perforating guns selectively perforate the zones, which are fracture stimulated one zone at a time. Isolation between stimulation zones is accomplished through the pumping of ball sealers.

The PerfFRAC service offers

  • effective isolation of each perforated zone within the stage
  • effective placement of specifically designed treatments into each perforated zone
  • treating each zone at a relatively high flow rate
  • efficient completion of each stage in one wireline trip.

The PerfFRAC service is based on technology licensed from ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company.

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Complete Each Stage in One Wireline Trip

PerfFRAC Shale Gas Dynamic Fluid Diversion Service
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