OpenPath Sequence Diversion Stimulation Service

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Maximize wellbore coverage with an innovative diversion system

OpenPath Sequence diversion stimulation service is the first in the industry to use degradable fibers to suspend multimodal particles—a combination that enables the sequential stimulation of zones and intervals to maximize near-wellbore coverage. Whereas particles alone are not always effective in isolating fractures of various sizes, the addition of fibers bridges the gaps in fractures and creates impermeable temporary plugs that fully dissolve after stimulation operations are completed. Because the diversion method is chemical rather than mechanical, OpenPath Sequence service is effective for both cased and openhole completions.

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OpenPath Sequence service effectively isolates target zones using a composite pill containing a proprietary blend of degradable fibers and multimodal particles and enables sequential stimulation of zones to maximize wellbore coverage and reservoir contact.

Sequentially stimulate zones and intervals for improved reservoir contact

OpenPath Sequence service uses the optimal acid identified for a particular reservoir to sequentially stimulate targeted zones and intervals. The service is compatible with conventional acid, an engineered acid designed specifically for OpenPath Sequence service, and our other proprietary acid systems including SXE emulsified acid, VDA viscoelastic diverting acid, and MaxCO3 Acid degradable diversion acid system.

Simplify operations

No specialized equipment is required, streamlining operations and reducing HSE risks as compared with conventional chemical diversion methods.

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OpenPath Sequence Service Increases Productivity Index More Than 300%

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Acid stimulation with diversion improves stimulation results in carbonate reservoir, increasing oil production by 243%. Read case study

Maximize Reservoir Contact

OpenPath Sequence Diversion Stimulation Service
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