HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique

Reduce footprint without sacrificing production

The HiWAY flow-channel fracturing technique significantly increases fracture conductivity while reducing water and proppant consumption. This means higher short- and long-term production, simpler logistics, and a smaller operational footprint.

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Create infinite fracture conductivity

The HiWAY technique fundamentally changes the way proppant fractures generate conductivity. The first of its kind, the HiWAY technique creates open pathways inside the fracture, enabling hydrocarbons to flow through the stable channels rather than the proppant. This optimizes connectivity between the reservoir and the wellbore—resulting in infinite fracture conductivity.

Combined Stimulation Technologies Increase Fracturing Efficiency 99% in Depleted Formations

HiWAY technique with RodPROP high-aspect-ratio proppant doubled well productivity, eliminated proppant flowback, and prevented screenouts in 20 wells of a fracturing campaign in the Volga-Urals basin.
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Improve performance in vertical and horizontal wells

The HiWAY technique has improved time to sales, fluid recovery, initial production rate, and average-well estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) in more than 4,000 jobs worldwide—including the Rocky Mountain region of the US and the Sierras Blancas formation in Argentina. 

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HiWAY Technique Increases Production by 38%

HiWAY Technique Increases Production by 38%, Requires 32% Less Water and 37% Less Proppant
Of the more than 11,400 horizontal wells in the Eagle Ford Shale, more than 1,100 liquid- and gas-producing wells have been completed using the HiWAY flow-channel fracturing technique (blue) since October 2010. Read case study

HiWAY Technique Optimizes Connectivity Between Reservoir and Wellbore

HiWAY Flow-Channel Hydraulic Fracturing Technique
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