PropNET Proppant Flowback Control Technology

Prevent flowback from hydraulic fractures in any environment

PropNET proppant flowback control technology proppant flowback control technology maintains proppant pack integrity and conductivity after hydraulic fracturing in any reservoir environment. This enables aggressive cleanup, faster well turnaround, lower flowback costs, and reduced time to commercial production. Proppant pack cleanup is more effective, increasing your production rates through a more highly conductive flow path.

Allows postfracture flowback design changes, increasing operational flexibility

PropNET technology additives provide a unique, economical solution that prevents flowback from hydraulic fractures in any reservoir environment, helping to avoid damage to surface equipment and loss of near-wellbore conductivity caused by proppant flowback. Additives used in severe environments yield high proppant pack strength and conductivity.

Significantly improves resistance of proppant packs to closure stress cycling

Testing confirms that PropNET technology additives can significantly increase conductivity of base proppant at low closure stresses. The presence of fiber disrupts the close-order packing of the proppant, promoting higher porosity and permeability.

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