Salik Local-Sand-Enabled Flow-Channel Fracturing Service

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Reduce fracturing costs by replacing conventional proppant with local sand

Salik local-sand-enabled flow-channel fracturing service enables substituting cost-saving locally sourced propping agents to the HiWAY flow-channel fracturing technique. Because the technique does not depend on proppant quality for conductivity, operators can use Salik service to replace more than 50% of the ceramic proppant normally required for a fracturing job with inexpensive, locally sourced sand, resulting in increased cost savings.

Salik Local-Sand-Enabled Flow-Channel Fracturing Service

Maximize production with enhanced fracture conductivity

Salik service is deployed using HiWAY fracturing technique, which improves fracture contact area and well productivity. With this technique, Salik service enables hydrocarbons to flow through stable channels, optimizing the well’s long-term production performance.

Improve resource efficiency

Additional cost savings are realized because less ceramic proppant is needed for fracturing using Salik service enabled by HiWAY technique. Reducing the amount of ceramic proppant required also decreases associated transportation expenses.

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Robust Channel Structure Enhances Well Productivity

Salik Local-Sand-Enabled Flow-Channel Fracturing Service
Salik service improves long-term performance due to engineered flow channels’ stability and minimizes total well completion costs.
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