Gelled-Oil Fracturing Fluid

Fracturing fluid for water-sensitive, sandstone formations

YF GO III is a patented gelled, oil-base sandstone fluid designed primarily for treating water-sensitive formations. Originally designed for continuous-mix operations, it is used successfully in both continuous and batch-mix conditions. YF GO III can gel diesel, condensates, and a wide variety of crudes as the oil base.

YF GO IV high-temperature, gelled-oil service

YF GO IV gelled-oil sandstone fluids are designed for broad use in sandstone applications where gelled oil is commonly used (i.e., water-sensitive formations). Originally designed for use only with clean, dry diesel, YF GO IV can be used with many dry, uncontaminated crude oils. The advantages of using YF GO IV include high-temperature stability, low static viscosity, and predictable rheological profiles.

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