Jet Blaster Engineered High-Pressure Jetting Service

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One-trip wellbore cleaning

Jet Blaster engineered high-pressure jetting service is the  solution for one-trip wellbore cleaning. The high-performance Jet Blaster service BHA is successful across the range of wellbore deposit removal applications.

The Jet Blaster service is integrated with Jet Advisor scale removal software and CoilCADE coiled tubing design and evaluation software for a designed approach to wellbore cleanouts.

Reduce risk of damaging tubulars or downhole installations

Focused, high-energy fluid streams loosen compacted fills reliably. A high rate of fluid allows fills to flow out safely. Large engineered high-pressure, long-throw nozzles produce a stable, coherent fluid stream over a large, efficient jetting radius.

Because the cleaning radius is not limited by tool geometry, the service enables nondamaging cleanout of complex and delicate structures, such as downhole screens, installations, gas lift mandrels and sliding sleeves.

Performance enhancement is achieved through reduction of energy losses across the swivel and nozzles. Effective downhole jetting does not rely on the erosion effect of cavitation, and efficiency is not affected by wellbore depth.

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Jet Blaster Service and Positive Displacement Motor Save Intervention Costs

Jet Blaster service and positive displacement motor help prepare wells for permanent abandonment.
Deploying Jet Blaster service and positive displacement motor helped prepare leaking, low-integrity wells for permanent abandonment.
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