ScaleMAT Acid-Compatible Scale Inhibitor

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Reduce costs by minimizing interventions

ScaleMAT acid-compatible scale inhibitor saves cost when frequently pumping acid treatments and scale-inhibitor squeezes in a large number of wells or in locations where workovers are expensive. Additionally, ScaleMAT inhibitor offers effective placement of the inhibitor, directly protecting the stimulated matrix and improving coverage of the completed interval as part of a properly diverted acid treatment.

ScaleMAT inhibitor integrates matrix stimulation and scale inhibition in a single treatment. At least one subsequent inhibitor squeeze treatment is eliminated with each matrix stimulation treatment.

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Matrix Stimulation Resolves CaCO3 Scaling Issues and Stabilizes Production

Well production before and after the ScaleMAT treatment.
ScaleMAT acid-compatible scale inhibitor combined with a matrix stimulation treatment increased stable oil production by 60% in Ecuador.
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