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Record microseismic activity in real time

StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service for monitoring treatments records microseismic activity in real time during the fracturing process. A full range of software provides modeling, survey design, microseismic detection and location, uncertainty analysis, data integration, and visualization for interpretation, wherever and whenever decisions must be made. Computer imagery is used to monitor the activity in 3D space relative to the location of the fracturing treatment. Then, the monitored activities are animated to show progressive fracture growth and the subsurface response to pumping variations.

Improve reservoir understanding and economics

The StimMAP service uses the Petrel E&P software platform to provide accurate characterization of the locations, geometry, and dimensions of a hydraulic fracture system. Moment Tensor Inversion (MTI), an advanced processing technique, provides fracture characterization that enhances fracture models and reservoir characterization for production simulation.

Microseismic monitoring, which delivers information about the changing stress of a reservoir, can also be used to enhance reservoir development in tight gas completions, fault mapping, reservoir imaging, waterflood monitoring, drilling waste disposal, CO2 sequestration, and thermal recovery.

StimMAP Hydraulic Fracture Mapping Service

Moment Tensor Inversion Services

Microseismic Interpretation

MS Recon Microseismic Surface Acquisition System

Optimize completions and production with more detailed imaging of fracture networks.

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Optimize Completions and Production with More Detailed Imaging

MS Recon High-Fidelity Microseismic Surface Acquisition System
The MS Recon high-fidelity microseismic surface acquisition system produces the widest range of signal detection for better hydraulic fracture imaging.
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Analyze the Fracturing

Moment Tensor Inversion
Moment tensor inversion (MTI) information enhances microseismic interpretation of fracture geometry.
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