Microseismic Interpretation

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Improve well economics with microseismic monitoring

Schlumberger petrotechnical services collaborate with operators on understanding hydraulically induced fracture system geometry, and temporal evolution facilitates effective stimulation treatments and improves well economics.

Integrated data optimizes stimulation treatments

Borehole-based microseismic fracture monitoring involves accurate imaging of the geometries of sets of hydraulic fractures (natural or induced), providing a 4D view of your reservoir’s flow network. Monitoring network design, tool selection, processing, visualization, and interpretation using seismic-to-simulation software  provides this analysis directly within the geological model, fully integrated with your seismic and petrophysical data.

The StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service captures microseismic activity during the fracturing process. Schlumberger petrotechnical engineers collect microseismic data from sensor arrays in nearby wells, apply processing techniques to analyze complex sets of recorded acoustic waveforms, and use advanced visualization and interpretation techniques to monitor and analyze the spatial and temporal evolution of fracture networks in 4D, relative to the location of the fracturing treatment. InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service enables onsite engineers to collaborate in real time with interpreters and decision makers offsite.

Stress monitoring enhances reservoir development

Microseismic monitoring also delivers information about evolving reservoir stress that can enhance reservoir development in tight gas and shale completions, fault mapping, reservoir imaging, waterflood monitoring, drilling waste disposal, and thermal recovery.

Real-Time Interpretation

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Monitor Microseismic Fractures in Real Time

Microseismic hydraulic monitoring—record activity during the fracturing process
StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service provides results within 30 seconds of microseismic activity.
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