Real-Time Interpretation

Cut rig time, mitigate risk, and enhance drilling decisions on the fly

Schlumberger petrotechnical services offer time-depth-velocity seismic information and borehole seismic imaging in real time to optimize your drilling decisions, reduce costs, and improve safety during the drilling process.

Our experts deliver analyses and visualizations that enable you to predict target depths and adjust well trajectory, anticipate hazards ahead of the bit, and land the well in the optimum place within the reservoir. These services also facilitate communication and cooperation between personnel at the wellsite and in remote offices.

Seismic-while-drilling service

We provide the seismicVISION seismic-while-drilling service to place the bit on the surface seismic map by making checkshot surveys at downhole connections while tripping out of hole. Recorded waveforms from this service produce images with resolution that is greater than surface seismic images below the well path, which enhances reservoir delineation.

Applications include

  • updating coring and casing points while drilling
  • providing input data to constrain pore-pressure models while drilling
  • optimizing mud weight
  • identifying salt proximity in real time, under certain conditions.

Real-time data to optimize fracturing

Our StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service delivers acoustic measurements during hydraulic fracturing, effectively detecting acoustic hydraulic fracture emissions within 30 s of microseismic activity. This provides precise data about induced fracture systems, fracture geometry, and dynamic processes. Evaluating fracture behavior in real-time applications allows stimulation engineers to modify individual stage treatment designs as needed. Key economic benefits include increased production and decreased well stimulation costs.

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