MS Recon High-Fidelity Microseismic Surface Acquisition System

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Optimize completions and production with more detailed imaging of fracture networks

MS Recon high-fidelity microseismic surface acquisition system simultaneously addresses the optimal frequency range of signal detection for microseismic events while lowering the electronic noise. Improvements in the signal-to-noise ratio during acquisition allow the detection of more microseismic events, giving clients a better understanding of their stimulation and helping to optimize completion design and potentially increase production.

Detect smaller magnitude microseismic events with greater flexibility

The combination of the system’s proprietary Geophone Accelerometer (GAC) and ultra-low-noise electronics enables the detection of the smallest microseismic events. A nodal-based wireless acquisition system provides increased flexibility in designing and deploying surface and near-surface arrays.

Make real-time decisions with onsite data delivery

Onsite preprocessing, which includes noise-reduction filtering, digital-beam forming, and event detection, enables real-time operations. Essential data are transmitted to a data center for processing and then delivered wherever decisions need to be made.

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Ultra-Low Noise Electronics

MS Recon High-Fidelity Microseismic Surface Acquisition System
The MS Recon system produces the widest range of signal detection in surface and shallow hole grid microseismic operations.
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