Automated Stimulation Delivery Platform

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Increased stimulation reliability and efficiency through automation

Automating stimulation delivery redefines industry expectations for hydraulic fracturing process control and consistency. Conventional stimulation equipment automates only a few mixing and pumping functions, which cannot meet the demands of modern hydraulic fracturing operations: enormous volumes of fluid and proppant, complex mixing requirements, and continuous, high-intensity pumping operations.

By integrating modular automated skids, trailers, and silos that work synergistically to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and minimize HSE risk, the automated simulation delivery platform is the solution to the industry’s growing requirements for more stages and proppant delivered per day.

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Better control produces better stimulation results

With unprecedented control of inventory, proppant delivery, fluid mixing, pump performance, and complex stimulation operations, the new electrically powered platform transforms modern hydraulic fracturing operations from an art to a more precise, consistent science that

  • controls fluid mixing and proppant delivery to best match the job design
  • monitors equipment performance for maximum reliability and uninterrupted operations
  • minimizes dust and human intervention for reduced HSE risk.

Automated proppant delivery

Increases operational efficiency by controlling inventory and operations while reducing the HSE footprint through dust control and a compact layout.

Process trailer

Couples polymer and additive inventory management, hydration, and blending with automation to improve consistency and reliability of stimulation operations and monitors equipment for maximum reliability.

Automated missile

Minimizes overpressure risks in surface systems and eliminates the need for personnel to enter the high-pressure area by automatically distributing fluid from the blender to working pumps and then into the well.

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Automated Stimulation Delivery Platform
The new automated stimulation delivery platform redesigns the jobsite for better safety, efficiency, and reliability. The 360° experience is compatible with the Chrome desktop web browser, and the YouTube app on smart devices. For a more immersive experience, VR headsets and Google Cardboard are supported.
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Automate and Streamline Surface Operations

Automated Stimulation Delivery Platform
The automated stimulation delivery platform automates and streamlines surface operations, resulting in a smaller footprint, sustained efficiencies, and substantially reduced NPT.
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