FlexSTIM Offshore Modular Stimulation System

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Deploy flexible, high-capacity stimulation systems in a rapid time frame

In almost all offshore operations, stimulation vessels are in high demand, but there is limited access. Where no purpose-built fracturing vessel is available, the FlexSTIM offshore modular stimulation system provides exceptional flexibility, capacity, and response time. Schlumberger has completed more than a dozen FlexSTIM system rigups in areas as diverse as the Arabian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, and South Atlantic Ocean.

The FlexSTIM system can be designed and implemented in less than 4 weeks from the order date. Its capacity can be tailored to meet specific operator needs—a standard 900-m2 deck area supply vessel can be molded for capacities up to 13,500 hhp, 12,600 ft3 of proppant storage, and 160,000 galUS of concentrated acid capacity. This combination of flexibility, capacity, and rapid turnaround time is unparalleled, even for dedicated stimulation execution.

Quick execution for operators without dedicated stimulation vessels

Using the FlexSTIM system, a major, five-stage hydraulic fracturing job was begun for Centrica Energy Upstream in just 60 days, including project design, engineering, mobilization, and execution planning. A project for another operator went from design to system installation to commencement in less than 30 days.

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