STIMPAC Fracturing and Gravel-Packing Service

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Control sand in moderate- to high-permeability formations

STIMPAC fracturing/gravel-packing service to bypass damage is a single operation while a screen is in the well. The fracture enhances the effectiveness of the gravel-pack operation by eliminating sand production.

This is effective for wells with

  • high-permeability, easily damaged reservoirs
  • low-permeability reservoirs
  • laminated sand/shale sequences
  • heterogeneous pay strata.

The service changes the near-wellbore flow profile because the pressure drop associated with the completion is reduced. This is achieved by placing a highly conductive fracture into the formation.

The majority of STIMPAC treatments can be accomplished with the screen in place: the downhole crossover tool used to perform the treatment allows fracturing and gravel-packing steps to be accomplished in one trip. Certain hardware and reservoir conditions may dictate multiple-stage treatments with or without a screen.

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