Unconventional Reservoirs

Improve unconventional reservoir production efficiency and economic viability

Better reservoir knowledge and increasingly sensitive technologies are making production of unconventional reservoirs economically viable and more efficient. This efficiency is bringing tight gas, shale, coalbed methane, and gas hydrates resources into the reach of more companies around the world.

BroadBand Unconventional Reservoir Completion Services

HiWAY Flow-Channel Fracturing Technique

Experience more fracture conductivity by removing the link between fracture flow and proppant conductivity.

Salik Local-Sand-Enabled Flow-Channel Fracturing Service

Reduce fracturing costs by replacing conventional proppant with local sand.

Multistage Fracturing Services

Maximize reservoir contact by applying the most efficient and effective services for each well.

Unconventional Fluids

Optimize fluid systems for all unconventional applications.

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CAMShale Fracturing Fluid Delivery and Flowback Service

CAMSHALE completions flow control technology
With Cameron a part of Schlumberger, benefit from seamless delivery of hydraulic fracturing fluid to flowback with a single point of contact and all OEM equipment.
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