BroadBand Precision Integrated Completion Service

Increase production and recovery with improved wellbore coverage

The BroadBand Precision integrated completion service maximizes oil production and recovery by ensuring every fracture is stimulated and propped open from the tip of the fracture to the wellbore. Every promising perforation cluster in each interval is stimulated and proppant coverage is maximized across all fractures to create flow paths for hydrocarbons.

Control fracture placement and reservoir contact

The BroadBand Precision service enables maximum control of fracture placement, sizing, and conductivity. Through the use of cemented frac sleeves, every cluster along the lateral is fractured with accuracy and efficiency. Each fracture is propped open from tip to wellbore using an engineered composite fluid to deliver increased production and recovery.

Fracturing with BroadBand Precision integrated completion serviceFracturing with BroadBand Precision integrated completion service

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The BroadBand Precision service accurately and efficiently controls fracture placement while the engineered composite fluid props open each fracture from tip to wellbore to create flow paths for increased hydrocarbon production when compared with conventional proppant placement.

Ensure more efficient unconventional operations

Efficient operations are important to ensure economic success in unconventional reservoir plays. By coordinating multiple services into one offering, the BroadBand Precision service offers seamless operations. Operational efficiency is improved by controlling fracture placement to reduce water, proppant usage, and horsepower for productive stimulation treatment and reduced operational footprint. The integrated modeling and measurement data is used to optimize the stimulation design. A single point of contact in the office or on location ensures strong customer support every step of the way.

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Maximize Hydrocarbon Production and Recovery

BroadBand Precision Integrated Completion Service
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