BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service

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Effectively stimulate more reservoir volume and ensure every cluster delivers its full potential

The BroadBand Sequence fracturing service sequentially isolates fractures at the wellbore to ensure every cluster in each zone is fractured and can contribute to the well's full potential. The BroadBand Sequence service maximizes well productivity and improves completion efficiency while significantly reducing completion hardware and overall completion costs.

BroadBand Sequence fracturing service maximizes stimulated volume in refractured wells.BroadBand Sequence fracturing service maximizes stimulated volume in refractured wells.

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When the BroadBand Sequence service is used to stimulate additional clusters (blue), it provides more accurate results than the highly variable ones produced by conventional stimulation techniques.

Maximize stimulated volume in refractured wells

Each zone is sequentially isolated, fractured, and fully stimulated, resulting in more reservoir volume and greater contact. By temporarily locking and unlocking clusters, the composite fluids are diverted to higher stress regions for increased fracture stimulation within each stage. The composite fluid degrades, depending on the temperature of the well and downhole conditions, restoring full fracture conductivity.

Reduce completion cost and minimize plug-and-perf stages

The BroadBand Sequence service enables the treatment of longer intervals and additional fracture clusters, while reducing the amount of bridge plugs needed for completing the well. When using the Broadband Sequence service, operators working in tight sandstone, carbonate, and shale reservoirs experienced increased efficiency and a reduction in the number of bridge plugs needed per completion.

Stimulate uniformly with engineered composite pills

Composite Pill for the BroadBand Sequence fracturing service

For one type of pill, large particles block a fracture or perforation, and smaller particles reduce permeability to create temporary isolation. Fibers ensure the integrity of the blend from surface to near-wellbore and enhance bridging.

Composite Pill for the Broadband Sequence fracturing service

For enhanced conductivity, degradable particles are combined with high-strength spheres to maximize near-wellbore conductivity. After the treatment, the particles and fibers degrade, leaving the spheres to ensure well connectivity to the reservoir.

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BroadBand Sequence Service Increases Gas Rate 700% in Haynesville Well

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service
Comstock Resources increased flowing pressure by 300% and increased gas rate by 700% immediately after refracturing using BroadBand Sequence service. Read case study

Sequenced Fracturing Maximizes Wellbore Coverage

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing ServiceBroadBand Sequence fracturing technique
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