OpenFRAC Fully Disclosed Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

Receive full disclosure of fluid components

Resulting from an extensive development and testing program, OpenFRAC fully disclosed hydraulic fracturing fluids assure continued high performance. Operators receive full disclosure of additive components, a disclosure level similar to that used in the food industry.

Fluid formulation options

  • OpenFRAC SW—used for slickwater fracturing, where drag reduction and less-complex fluid systems are desired.
  • OpenFRAC WF—used for linear gel fracturing, offering improved proppant transport characteristics.
  • OpenFRAC XL—used for crosslinking, maintaining all the advantages of the first two fluids while also creating wider fractures to enable high proppant concentrations and generate high fracture conductivity.

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OpenFRAC Fluids Address Various Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

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