UltraMARINE Seawater-Base Fracturing Fluid

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Eliminate dependency on freshwater for offshore fracturing

The use of UltraMARINE seawater-base fracturing fluid simplifies offshore fracturing operations with unlimited availability and similar composition around the world with only small variations. Furthermore, UltraMARINE fluid can be used with brackish water for onshore operation in areas where freshwater availability is limited.

Improve fluid performance during fracturing operations

UltraMARINE fluid is engineered to provide optimized viscosity at bottomhole conditions to improve fluid performance during fracturing operations. The fluid is designed for enhanced thermal stability and has a bottomhole temperature range of 175 to 325 degF.

Mitigate risk of scale precipitating from seawater

As an effective temporary scale inhibition for application in reservoirs with scaling tendency waters, UltraMARINE fluid mitigates the risk of scale precipitating from the seawater by controlling the pH. UltraMARINE fluid has a high tolerance to salt content and has been tested in waters with total dissolved solids (TDS) in excess of 100,000 ppm.

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SOCO International Increases Postfracturing Productivity 14-Fold

Using UltraMARINE Fluid with the HiWAY Technique Yields 14-Fold Increase in Productivity Index
UltraMARINE fluid enabled the operator to keep required fracture design parameters while maintaining treating pressure below completion limitation during the entire operation. Read case study