FracCON Water-Conformance Fracturing Fluid

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Enhance fracture geometry and increase proppant pack conductivity

FracCON water-conformance fracturing fluid was specifically developed for high-water-cut wells with recoverable reserves near oil-to-water contact (OWC) or gas-to-water contact (GWC). It features a new-generation relative permeability modifier (RPM) capable of producing enhanced fracture geometry and increased proppant pack conductivity while mitigating water cut after fracture stimulation treatments.

Increased fracture half-length and productivity

FracCON fluid is a linear gelled polymer fluid with excellent fluid loss control and drag reduction properties resulting in low friction pressure. The addition of an encapsulated breaker further reduces viscosity following the fracturing treatment, optimizing the proppant pack conductivity and effective fracture half-length. The breaker is designed for the proppant- laden stages and is easily metered through dry-additive feeders.

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FracCON Fluid Unlocks Recoverable Reserves from Sandstone Formation

Oil Production Increased by 230% and Water Cut Controlled by Stimulation Using FracCON Fluid
FracCON fluid mitigated water cut in a high water saturation zone, unlocking recoverable oil reserves in southern Mexico. Read case study