xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery Service

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Improve economics by using any water source for hydraulic fracturing

xWATER integrated water-flexible fracturing fluid delivery service was developed to mitigate the economic and environmental burden of freshwater sourcing, transportation, and treatment, and the disposal of produced water in hydraulic fracturing operations. The service enables operators to use an engineered fracturing fluid customized for the available water, well conditions, and reservoir properties—saving on the water-related costs that can account for up to 25% of the total operation cost.

xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery ServicexWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery Service

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xWATER service enables 100% reuse of produced water, while reducing or eliminating costs associated with water acquisition, transportation or conveyance, water treatment, and disposal.

Design a tailored fracturing fluid

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of the water management cycle, the xWATER service pumps custom-engineered fracturing fluid that yields the most cost-effective full water cycle solution. Rather than trying to synthetically derive fluids that match the reservoir characteristics, reusing produced water in our tailored fluids ensures reservoir integrity and maximizes production as compared to freshwater. Each fracturing fluid system is developed to ensure compatibility with even the most difficult water sources and typically requires little or no treatment.

Maximize use of alternative water sources

xWATER service allows operators to use flowback or produced water from previous hydraulic fracturing jobs or nearby alternative water sources such as brackish groundwater or seawater, which greatly reduces the costs of transporting water over long distances. As the well enters the production phase, the produced water is collected in centralized, onsite storage facilities and transported to new fracturing sites. Once the job is complete, the produced water is returned to the central storage facility, minimizing transportation costs and eliminating the need for disposal.

xWATER service is currently being deployed in North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Water-Flexible Fracturing Systems

xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery Service
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Reuse up to 100% Produced Water to Fracture Subsequent Wells

xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery Service
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