PowerSTIM Well Optimization Service

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Customize stimulation treatment design and execution to specific reservoir conditions

PowerSTIM well optimization service gives you fit-for-purpose, solution-oriented technology that is effective in a broad range of reservoirs. We customize stimulation treatment design and execution to the specific conditions in your well or field based on detailed, accurate formation evaluation and modeling.

Based on our analysis, we provide treatment options, such as acid treatments, fracture treatments, or sand management, to consider. The knowledge gained from each stimulation treatment is used to improve the next job in a continuous, closed-loop process that reduces costs, maximizes production, and increases recovery.

A multidisciplinary team

The first step in the PowerSTIM well optimization service is forming the team of geoscientists, reservoir and production engineers, and stimulation designers. Initially, the team concentrates on a small group of wells—typically three to five, depending on field and reservoir complexity.

After collecting and analyzing all available data, the team builds a customized model that describes geology and reservoir dynamics. This model, which accurately predicts key parameters and forecasts production, is used to design optimized treatments for the first group of wells.

After these treatments are executed according to the design, the team evaluates the results and uses them to update the model, important information to optimize the next group of completions. The updated model often is available to decision makers within a few hours after the evaluation is finished.

Reporting for each well

The PowerSTIM service's informed decision report, or IDR, an "in-time" report, documents the solutions with a complete, historical record for each well treated. InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service improves collaboration, allowing you to keep an eye on the treatments as they occur.

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