Subsea Landing String Operating Systems

Rapid, reliable well shut-in and disconnection for subsea certainty and enhanced safety

Our SenTURIAN Family subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating systems deliver rapid, reliable subsea verification of equipment installation and well control with a simplified design for increased efficiency—from exploration and appraisal to development.

Using SenTURIAN Family systems with SenTREE subsea test trees enables sequenced shut-in and unlatch from the landing string in as little as 15 seconds in water depths to 15,000 ft.

SenTURIAN E&A System

SenTURIAN System

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In-Riser Well Testing System for Exploration & Appraisal

SenTURIAN E&A landing string system for exploration and appraisal.
Well testing and control system with simplified design for increased offshore operational efficiency.
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