WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems

Date Title Challenge Products
Apr 2018 Maximus System Produces Gas from Methane Hydrates for 24 Days Maximus, WellWatcher Quartz Extend, WellNet, Phoenix xt150
Jun 2017 WellWatcher Connect System Saves USD 28,000–36,000 Annually for Well Data Collection Real-Time Operations WellWatcher Connect, IntelliZone Compact
Mar 2017 Intelligent Completion System Boosts Oil Production by 41% in High-GOR Field WellWatcher Advisor, WellWatcher Quartz, TRFC-HD
Aug 2014 WellWatcher PS3 Passive Seismic Sensing System Optimizes Underground Gas Storage Capacity WellWatcher PS3, WellWatcher
May 2014 Approaching Risk Mitigation through Real-Time Monitoring of Injection-Induced Microseismicity at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project Carbon Services, WellWatcher PS3, RTAC