WellWatcher Advisor Real-Time Intelligent Completion Software

Optimize well performance with real-time analysis of downhole data

Downhole permanent monitoring systems and intelligent completions deliver large volumes of well and reservoir data in real time. Manual processing of these data increases response times, making it difficult to maximize well or field performance.

WellWatcher Advisor real-time intelligent completion software transforms acquired data into actionable intelligence at frequencies as high as 1 s, providing you with real-time answer products for better business decisions. The application comprises automated workflow modules that leverage the scalable Avocet production operations software platform.

Reservoir and Production Management Decisions That Took Months—Even Years—Are Now Possible in Days or Minutes

Drilling, completion, production, and reservoir engineers use the collaborative, integrated platform to monitor well performance and take corrective action to optimize well, equipment, field, and reservoir behavior. See examples of WellWatcher Advisor software applications.

System configuration

The software can be connected to your real-time data sources, such as PI Servers, or to remote production operations centers. The on-premise software is installed locally on your computers and all data remains within your network, enhancing security. 

Monitoring module

Monitor real-time downhole pressure and temperature, as well as historic trends, together with equipment health and alarms. The module also calculates fluid gradient to determine water cut and identify gas breakthrough. When used with the Manara production and reservoir management system, the module enables you to monitor zonal flow rates for back allocation and determination of productivity index.

Flow allocation module

Estimate flow rates across each flow control valve (FCV) using the pressure drop and choke opening together with the fluid properties by zone.

Completion module

The completion module uses changing flow rates to automatically compute stable productivity index and reservoir pressure. In addition, use the cleanup workflow to monitor flow rates and fluid phases in individual zones in real time. The drawdown in each zone can be quickly manipulated to maximize cleanup efficiency and each zone’s transition from completion fluids to reservoir fluids immediately visualized, reducing rig time and HSE exposure. 

Production module

The optimization workflow uses acquired data to monitor production trends as they develop in real time, identify the reason a particular well is underperforming, and determine optimal FCV settings for all zones based on the criteria specified (e.g., minimizing water cut). See the results of your corrective actions in real time—from your office. A custom workflow for gas breakthrough identification and estimation is also available. 

Reservoir module

An inbuilt pressure transient analysis tool enables quick determination of mobility and skin by zone without interventions for logging and testing. Track interpreted values over time to optimize your production and reservoir management strategy.

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Make Real-Time Decisions with Cleanup and Optimization Workflows

WellWatcher Advisor Intelligent Completion Software - Cleanup WorkflowWellWatcher Advisor Intelligent Completion Software - Optimization Workflow
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WellWatcher Advisor Software Applications

WellWatcher Advisor Intelligent Completion Software Modules and Their Applications
WellWatcher Advisor software modules convert data acquired by downhole monitoring systems into actionable intelligence in real time, helping drilling, completion, production, and reservoir engineers achieve optimal results.
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