WellWatcher Advisor Real-Time Intelligent Completion Software

WellWatcher Advisor software is proving its value in various parts of the world by giving operators better insight into their wells and reservoirs in real time.

Flow allocation

The flow rate for each zone is calculated and compared against total well production with more than 95% accuracy, enabling the operator to meet regulations for zonal back allocation without incurring well testing costs.

Automated well surveillance

In Russia, continuous calculation of pseudosteady-state productivity index and reservoir pressure is enabling production and reservoir engineers to optimize well production, manage drawdown strategy across zones, and plan remedial work.

Well cleanup

In this well, WellWatcher Advisor software provided cumulative fluid volumes and percentages of recovered fluids across various zones in real time, helping to optimize well cleanup, improve operational efficiency, and reduce HSE risk.

Reservoir characterization

Integrated downhole gauge and flow rate data enables users to perform quick pressure transient analysis on the fly, for periodic estimation of reservoir permeability across multiple zones and wells.

Make Real-Time Decisions with Cleanup and Optimization Workflows

WellWatcher Advisor Intelligent Completion Software - Cleanup WorkflowWellWatcher Advisor Intelligent Completion Software - Optimization Workflow
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WellWatcher Advisor Software Applications

WellWatcher Advisor Intelligent Completion Software Modules and Their Applications
WellWatcher Advisor software modules convert data acquired by downhole monitoring systems into actionable intelligence in real time, helping drilling, completion, production, and reservoir engineers achieve optimal results.
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