Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems

Distributed temperature and pressure measurements

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) fiber-optic technology for permanent monitoring can provide temperature measurements over long intervals extending up to the complete length of the wellbore. Alternatively, an array of miniaturized digital temperature sensors can be used. Multidropping several pressure gauges provides distributed pressure measurements.

Detailed well profile in real time

The highly sensitive and accurate data can identify the source of changes in well performance as they occur, enabling accurate diagnostics on gas lift systems; helping to monitor completion integrity; and quickly identifying a faulty valve, unstable flow, inflow, and outflow without interrupting production. Interpretation and real-time communication software delivers actionable information to your desk for inclusion in reservoir analysis workflows. By acquiring data from multiple wells, an overall reservoir perspective can be obtained, helping to optimize the number of wells for potentially substantial savings.

WellWatcher Neon DTS, DAS & PT Gauge System

WellWatcher BriteBlue Multimode DTS Fiber

WellWatcher Flux Multizonal Reservoir Monitoring System

Fiber-Optic Acquisition Systems

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

THERMA Software

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WellWatcher BriteBlue HT Fiber Reduces HSE Exposure and Lowers Opex

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) using WellWatcher BriteBlue HT fiber is accurate to within 1 m of gradiomanometer surveys, Oman
An operator accurately determined fluid contacts within 1 m of wireline gradiomanometer surveys run for comparison using DTS measurements.
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BP Optimizes Drainage of More Than 100 Million Barrels of Oil

Thermal well model and flow distribution model
WellWatcher BriteBlue multimode DTS fiber reveals flow rate changes in real time, enabling the reservoir management strategy to be adjusted accordingly. Read case study