FloWatcher System

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Flow rate, fluid density, and PT monitoring system

The FloWatcher system provides continuous measurement of downhole flow rate, fluid density, pressure, and temperature in real time.

The system uses two high-precision quartz gauges to measure the pressure drop across a venturi nozzle; this drop is directly proportional to the square of the fluid velocity. The pressure difference between one of these gauges and a third high-precision quartz gauge placed further down the well is also measured. The fluid density can be determined from the pressure gradient.

Early identification of flow anomalies without individual well testing

The data enable early identification of production and reservoir anomalies, such as water or gas breakthrough, helping to reduce the cost of remediation and optimize production planning and recovery. Two-phase total flow rate and gas or water cut can be determined. Using these downhole flowmeters in multiple wells has allowed deepwater operators to avoid the time, expense, and risk of production well testing in individual wells.

Applications of this versatile system include

  • production allocation
  • well productivity and trend analysis
  • interference testing
  • pressure transient analysis
  • monitoring of ESP efficiency.

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Operator Eliminates Allocation Uncertainties in the North Sea

Operator Eliminates Allocation Uncertainties for Three Offshore Oil Wells Sharing Single Pipeline to Platform
The FloWatcher system improved production allocation tracking for three remote subsea oil wells sharing a single pipeline to one platform, without the time, expense, and risks of individual well tests. Read case study

Pressure and Temperature Ratings for WellWatcher System Downhole Gauges

Pressure and Temperature Ratings for WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring Systems Downhole Gauges
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