Control Systems

Drilling automation control systems needed to support basic land rig operation.
Download PRECISE automated drilling system product sheet (0.87 MB PDF)
Download SOFT TORQUE software plugin for PRECISE system product sheet (0.21 MB PDF)
Download Well Control Choke Module software plug-in for PRECISE system (0.2 MB PDF)

Driller's Cabins

Customizable driller’s cabins to meet each customer’s needs while increasing operational safety and performance.
Download Driller’s Cabin product sheet (0.88 MB PDF)

Power Houses

Specialized power systems for efficient energy delegation and reliability.
Download Power Houses product sheet (0.28 MB PDF)


Training for land rig personnel that covers the basics of operating, troubleshooting, and servicing Schlumberger drilling products.

Electrical and Controls Fundamentals Course

Fundamentals of electricity and electricity controls to provide professionals with the skills, tools, and information necessary to increase their electrical experience in the field.
Download course flyer (0.15 MB PDF)

PRECISE Automated System Drilling Operations Course

Introductory course for users of the PRECISE system that covers basic system components and operations in a one-on-one environment.
Download course flyer (0.18 MB PDF)

Variable Frequency Drive Maintenance Course

VFD system fundamentals, troubleshooting, and maintenance ‭for electrical technicians and technical support personnel who operate or maintain VFDs.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Download course flyer (0.16 MB PDF)

PLC Control Systems Course

Introductory programmable logic controller (PLC) control systems course for maintenance of PRECISE* automated drilling systems.
Download course flyer (0.19 MB PDF)

Engine Control System Course

Introduction to engine control system operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for engine control system users.
Download course flyer (0.16 MB PDF)

VFD House Equipment Course

Introduction to Schlumberger VFD houses, engine controller, variable frequency drive (VFD), and programmable logic controller (PLC), engineering prints, and equipment troubleshooting.
Download course flyer (0.19 MB PDF)

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