CemCRETE Concrete-Based Oilwell Cementing Technology

Optimize slurry performance and mechanical integrity

CemCRETE concrete-based oilwell cementing technology increases the solids content of the slurry using particle-size distribution. Smaller particles fill the void between larger particles, requiring less water. This results in a cement slurry with improved flow properties and excellent set properties, such as permeability and strength. A lower water-to-cement ratio during mixing and pumping enables higher long-term performance.

CemCRETE technology offers
  • more solids in your cement
  • greater compressive strength
  • reduced cement permeability
  • greater resistance to corrosive fluids.

DeepCRETE Deepwater Cementing Solution

LiteCRETE Lightweight Cement Slurry

DensCRETE High-Density Cement Slurry

SqueezeCRETE Remedial Cementing Solution

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Cementing Technology for First Gas Hydrate Production in Japan

DeepCRETE Deepwater Cementing Solution
Laboratory testing used to qualify cement technology fit for deepwater shallow unconsolidated formations subject to subsidence and methane hydrate-bearing formations is presented.
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CemCRETE Cementing Technology

CemCRETE cementing systems
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