Cement Evaluation

Noninvasively confirm annular barrier and bond between the casing and cement with acoustic sonic and ultrasonic insight

Cement placement is a critical component of the well architecture for ensuring mechanical support of the casing, protection from fluid corrosion, isolation of permeable zones at different pressure regimes to prevent hydraulic communication, and effective plug and abandon operations.

Quantify zonal hydraulic isolation

Acoustic sonic and ultrasonic cement evaluation tools measure the bond between the casing and the cement placed in the wellbore annulus between the casing and wellbore. Confirming hydraulic isolation between reservoir layers is essential to avoid potential problems such as crossflow behind the casing between zones. The early detection of poor cement quality or the absence of cement enables conducting remedial action before the well is completed to avoid potential production problems and their associated costs.

New PowerFlex annular barrier evaluation service combines the classic pulse echo technique with imaging of flexural wave propagation along the casing and as third-interface echoes (TIEs) from the cement-to-formation interface. The powerful new transducer overcomes signal attenuation in heavy muds for cements from ultralight to heavyweight and multiple casings up to a diameter of 22 in and thickness of 1 in. Enhanced wellsite processing delivers a field answer product in two hours.

PowerFlex and PowerEcho Annular Barrier Evaluation Services

Isolation Scanner

USI Ultrasonic Imager

Invizion Well Integrity Services

Cement Bond Logging Tools

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Evaluate Cement in Heavy Mud and Large, Thick Casings

Cement evaluation service provided a 3D visualization of the centralized 14-in casing.
PowerFlex and PowerEcho services extend ultrasonic cement and casing measurement across almost all well fluids, cements from ultralight to heavyweight, and multiple casings up to 22-in diameter and 1-in thickness. Visit PowerFlex and PowerEcho Annular Barrier Evaluation Services page

Analyze Data While Drilling

Invizion Evaluation Well Integrity Service
Invizion Evaluation well integrity evaluation service workflow provides an analysis of correlated data, forecasts cementing placement, and uses measurements from actual acoustic logs. Visit Invizion Well Integrity Services page