PowerFlex and PowerEcho Annular Barrier Evaluation Services

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Extending ultrasonic measurement to ultralight through heavyweight cements and heavy well fluids in large, thick casings

PowerFlex and PowerEcho annular barrier evaluation services significantly extend the operating range of ultrasonic cement and casing measurement to provide certainty for drilling, cementing, well integrity evaluation, and well abandonment operations. This powerful family of services answers the need for robust and reliable data to quantify annular content and bond status and to confirm centralization and condition of the casing, especially for the growing number of wells with heavy well fluids and large-diameter, thick-walled casings.

Overcoming the attenuation challenges of mud and casing

PowerFlex and PowerEcho services integrate new mechanical designs and powerful new transducers to effectively receive pulse echo and flexural wave signals despite significant attenuation in heavy muds, where conventional ultrasonic tools used cannot function. Performance has been proved in mud weights from ultralight to exceeding 18 ppg.

New processing algorithms similarly extend PowerFlex and PowerEcho services to multiple casings up to a diameter of 22 in and thickness of 1 in.

Providing field answer turnaround in 2 hours or less

Not only do PowerFlex and PowerEcho services greatly increase wellsite efficiency via faster logging speeds, but enhanced wellsite processing enables a turnaround time of 2 hours or less from acquisition to receipt of the field answer product.

Postprocessing can be conducted with either operators’ in-house workflows or the Techlog wellbore software platform.

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