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Increase zonal isolation assurance in your well

Cementing is a critical part of achieving long-lasting zonal isolation, which affects productivity, helps avoid annular pressure buildup or sustained casing pressure, and is necessary to maintain well control. Invizion well integrity services ensure effective zonal isolation to increase the success of stimulation treatments and aid production optimization while limiting the operational footprint.

Invizion RT real-time well integrity service

Invizion RT real-time well integrity service significantly improves cementing operations by enabling operators to monitor, control, and evaluate cement placement in real time. The service combines the job design with real-time acquisition data from both the rig and the cementing equipment to accurately represent the operation as it is being conducted.
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Invizion Evaluation well integrity evaluation service

Invizion Evaluation well integrity evaluation service enables operators to ensure zonal isolation, verify regulatory compliance, plan completions, and address technical challenges for future wells. The Invizion Evaluation service’s team of highly trained and specialized engineers works with experts in multiple disciplines and uses state-of-the-art software-based interpretation tools to increase the success of cementing operations.

For land wells, Invizion Evaluation service’s multidisciplinary approach provides precise, fit-for-purpose solutions that mitigate losses and prevent aquifer contamination, even when using lightweight cement or operating in extremely cold environments. In offshore wells, Invizion Evaluation service couples openhole data and cement placement analysis with cement evaluation logs to provide a more complete picture of the well for greater zonal isolation assurance.
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TOC Confirmed and Losses in Salt Section Identified Using Integrated Data

Data integration and analysis using Invizion Evaluation service.
Invizion Evaluation well integrity service was used to identify partial losses in the salt section of a Gulf of Mexico well and accurately confirm TOC, which had previously been incorrectly estimated using conventional interpretation.
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Invizion Evaluation Service Analyzes Integrated Data

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