CemFIT Adaptive Cement Systems

Maintain zonal isolation even as conditions vary

CemFIT adaptive cement systems help ensure well zonal integrity from drilling through abandonment, providing a competent annular pressure seal that prevents hydrocarbon leaks and protects against sustained casing pressure (SCP) at the wellhead.

Designed with additives that minimize Young’s modulus, CemFIT systems are ideally suited to withstand varying cement sheath stresses from operations and downhole events such as perforating, injection, hydraulic fracturing, underground gas storage, and pressure and temperature changes.

Simplify design and delivery

Cementing designs are straightforward when using CemFIT systems, and slurry properties can be readily adjusted to accommodate changes for unexpected downhole conditions. The systems are also easy to blend and mix using conventional equipment.

CemFIT Shield Mud-Sealing Cement System

CemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement System

CemFIT Flex Flexible Cement System

FlexSEAL Advanced Flexible Expanding Cement

For customized or tailored solutions requiring extensive confirmation testing and software analysis, more advanced cement technology may be more appropriate. For examples of our advanced offerings, visit the pages listed below.

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CemSTRESS Software Analyzes Sheath Stresses

CemSTRESS sensitivity analysis
CemSTRESS software aids in selecting and designing cement systems that can extend well life and reduce the need for costly remediation. Visit CemSTRESS software page