CemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement System

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Maximize zonal isolation for the life of the well

CemFIT Heal flexible self-healing cement system helps ensure well integrity from drilling to abandonment, providing a competent annular pressure seal and protecting against hydrocarbon leaks and sustained casing pressure (SCP) at the wellhead. It is the only cement system in the industry that not only withstands wellbore stresses, but should any isolation defects appear, it repairs itself on contact with oil or gas irrespective of methane content.

CemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement SystemCemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement System

Slide the bar to the left to see the effect of a barrier failure in conventional cement; slide to the right to see the difference the CemFIT Heal system makes.

With conventional cement, a cement sheath failure, such as a crack or microannulus, results in a hydrocarbon leak or sustained casing pressure (SCP) at the wellhead. The CemFIT Heal system, however, responds on contact with the hydrocarbons—irrespective of methane content—and autorepairs the pathways.

Improve bonds and seal microannuli

Unlike conventional cement systems, the CemFIT Heal system expands after setting, improving cement bonding with casing and formation and sealing microannuli that can cause unwanted gas migration. A low Young’s modulus enables it to withstand cement sheath stresses (due to drilling, perforating, injection, hydraulic fracturing, underground gas storage, and changes in temperature, pressure, or both).

Restore integrity if sheath is damaged

In the event of a hydrocarbon seep due to cement sheath failure (crack or microannulus), the set cement responds on contact with hydrocarbons and autorepairs the pathways, restoring the hydraulic integrity of the well. The self-healing action is repeatable multiple times if annular integrity is compromised again during the life of the well.

Simplify deployment for greater efficiency and reliability

The cement job is simple to design, and slurry properties can be easily adjusted to accommodate changes to cement designs and job programs. The CemFIT Heal system is also easy to blend and mix using conventional equipment, making it suitable for large-scale use.

For customized or tailored solutions requiring extensive confirmation testing and software analysis, more advanced cement technology may be more appropriate. For examples of our advanced offerings, visit the page listed below.

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Autorepairs on Contact with Hydrocarbons Irrespective of Methane Content

CemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement System
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