CemFIT Shield Mud-Sealing Cement System

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Improve cement bond logs and maximize zonal isolation

At the technical limits of drilling fluid removal, cement bond quality and hydraulic isolation can be compromised by leaving channels behind the casing. This is particularly problematic in wells where differential pressures may promote interzonal fluid communication. The problem also manifests during extreme stimulation operations, when channels can enable fluids to flow between zones, leaving an intended zone untreated.

To avoid these problems, the CemFIT Shield system interacts with any remaining nonaqueous fluid (NAF) to reduce its mobility and the likelihood of communication along channels. The system is compatible with conventional equipment, blending processes, additives, laboratory testing, and design considerations, making it easy to use in the field.


Use conventional equipment and designs

CemFIT Shield system is compatible with conventional cements, additives, equipment, and designs, enabling simple blending, mixing, and pumping for most field applications. It can be designed for densities from 12 to 18 lbm/galUS [1.44 to 2.16 g/cm3] and temperatures up to 340 degF [171 degC].

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