FlexSEAL Advanced Flexible Expanding Cement

Achieve long-term zonal isolation in high-stress wells

FlexSEAL advanced flexible expanding cement helps ensure well integrity by resisting stresses encountered throughout the well life cycle. Unlike conventional cement systems, FlexSEAL cement expands after setting, improving cement bonding and blocking hydrocarbon migration. Its low Young’s modulus allows it to absorb cement sheath stresses without cracking. This reduces the risk of

  • annular pressure buildup
  • sustained casing pressure (SCP)
  • mechanical well damage
  • cement sheath failure
  • collapsed casing
  • tensile cracks
  • cement debonding
  • costly remedial cementing jobs.

Resist stress, gas migration, fluid losses, and corrosion

FlexSEAL cement incorporates particle-size-distribution technology to extend density, pressure, and flexibility limits. It can be used in wells with temperatures ranging from 40 degF to 482 degF.

During placement, its optimized slurry viscosity and solids volume fraction provide effective mud removal and fluid loss control. After placement, FlexSEAL cement provides low gel strength, short transition time, and high compressive strength.

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FlexSEAL Cement Eliminates SCP in Marcellus Shale

FlexSEAL Cement Eliminates Sustained Casing Pressure in Marcellus Shale
During a field trial with four Marcellus Shale wells, FlexSEAL cement survived wellbore stresses that can compromise conventional cementing systems.
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FlexSEAL Cement Named Best Drilling & Completions Fluid

FlexSEAL wins award

The 2012 World Oil Awards paid tribute to “Innovations for the Future,” naming FlexSEAL advanced flexible expanding cement the Best Drilling & Completions Fluid. Read press release