LiteCRETE Lightweight Cement Slurry

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Reduce need for multistage cement operations

With its exceptional set-cement properties in compressive strength and permeability, LiteCRETE lightweight cement slurry eliminates stage cementing in long intervals, while getting an exceptional perforation quality without reducing cement integrity. The slurry is also applicable for hydraulic fracturing treatments. Using lightweight, high-strength LiteCRETE cement slurry for kickoff plugs reduces cement contamination, which often causes kickoff plug failure.

Improve stimulation success in coalbed methane wells

Combining the technology of LiteCRETE cement slurry with CemNET advanced fiber technology allows cementing the well without losses. LiteCRETE cement slurry has excellent strength and low permeability. CemNET fiber technology bridges the naturally occurring fractures in coalbed methane wells, while the low-density LiteCRETE cement slurry reduces the hydrostatic pressure, avoiding the creation of new fractures. The combination enhances isolation and improves stimulation success, which lowers well costs and increases recoverable reserves.

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Increase Recoverable Reserves

Comparsion of standard casing program and LiteCRETE.
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