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Cementing technology designed for the most challenging well environments

Requirements for cementing units on offshore or onshore rigs vary depending on the working environment, and filling these requirements is critical to every successful cement job.

Successful cement jobs require

  • delivering slurry consistency
  • controlling the factors that cause or prevent wet shoes
  • reducing the possibility of fluid contamination points
  • reducing failure rates through operational redundancy

It is never just about the unit, the people, the technology, or the quality of service delivery. It is about the complete package. Schlumberger cementing equipment packages are designed to address overall needs based on our experience and your input.

Offshore Cementing Equipment

SlurryAirSeparator Mechanical Cement Slurry Defoamer

DeepSea EXPRES Offshore Plug Launching System

Land Cementing Units

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Achieve Zonal Isolation with Offshore Cementing

Offshore Cementing Equipment
Schlumberger offers a wide range of cementing technologies for zonal isolation including batch mixers, skid-mounted units, and cement equipment packages. Visit Offshore Cementing Equipment page

Minimize Environmental Impact

The SlurryAirSeparator mechanical cement slurry defoamer replaces chemical antifoaming fluids to enhance mixing effectiveness and improve slurry quality. Visit SlurryAirSeparator Cement Slurry Defoamer page