PressureNET Fiber- and Solids-Based Lost Circulation Solution

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Create a composite barrier across loss zones

PressureNET fiber- and solids-based lost circulation solution combines dispersible CemNET fibers with vitrified shale particles to stop lost circulation in shale, dolomite, or carbonate formations. The various-sized shale particles build up throughout the 3D CemNET fiber network, creating a base for cement slurry solids to pack off the loss zone.

Resist dynamic pressures in unconventional wells

The strength of the shale helps the lost circulation material withstand high differential pressures across the fracture, reducing the volume of drilling fluid and cement lost to fissures and natural fractures.

Mix into well fluids with existing equipment

PressureNET lost circulation solution can be added to water-, oil- and synthetic-base cement slurries, spacers, and drilling fluids in batch mixers or mud pits.

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Plug Fractures in High-Differential-Pressure Zones

PressureNET lost circulation solution
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