Mud Removal and Spacer Fluids

Remove drilling fluids prior to cementing operations and achieve long-term zonal isolation

Effective drilling-fluid removal is a prerequisite for primary cementing success. Mud left in the wellbore prevents effective isolation. This can result in stimulation out of zone, production of unwanted fluids, loss of hydrocarbons to low-pressure zones, sustained casing pressure, underground blowouts, or casing corrosion.

Improve flow around the annulus

WELLCLEAN II engineering and tools help you improve your cementing jobs at the least expense, including CemCADE cementing design and evaluation software. Since fluids in the annulus tend to flow more freely on the wider side, casing centralization is critical. The CemCADE software centralization module assists the engineer in determining the proper centralization for effective mud removal.

Remove mud with 2D cement simulations

Mud removal can be achieved in laminar or turbulent flow regimes. The WELLCLEAN II simulator aids the Schlumberger team in making the right choice. The simulator indicates cement coverage, the risk of a mud film or channel and the turbulent contact time.

Ensure proper zonal isolation

The Schlumberger team helps you improve mud displacement through spacer and cement design. MUDPUSH spacers and chemical washes provide the required rheology and displacement regime for proper mud removal.


WELLCLEAN II Advisor Software

CemPRIME Spacer

MUDPUSH Express Mud Removal System

ScavengerPlus Slurry Stabilizer

Chemical Washes

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Remove Mud in Various Well Conditions with Custom Blended Chemistry Spacer

CemPRIME Engineered Chemistry Spacer
The CemPRIME engineered chemistry spacer is tailored to well conditions and designed as an effective cleaner and demulsifier in a wide range of temperatures, base oils, and spacer salinity. Visit CemPRIME Spacer page