WELLCLEAN II Numerical Cement Placement Simulator

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Complete zonal isolation with 2D cement simulations

Ensuring complete zonal isolation is the ultimate goal of cementing operations. However, frequently this goal is not achieved. Typically 80% of survey wells show pressure between the casing and wellhead.

Because incomplete mud removal is a repeated source of unexpected costs for operators, every effort should be made to ensure critical zonal isolation on the first attempt.

Optimized operations with unique downhole predictions

A two-dimensional numerical simulator, the WELLCLEAN II numerical cement placement simulator uses computational fluid dynamics to design the process of cement placement. Based on well geometry and trajectory, downhole fluid properties, volumes, pump rates and casing centralization, Schlumberger engineers predict the efficiency of mud removal and identify whether a mud channel will be left.

Using well data in the WELLCLEAN II simulator, engineers can make the design necessary to optimize the operation and achieve zonal isolation.

Engineered design guided by displacement patterns

Different displacement patterns visually displayed in the WELLCLEAN II simulator guide the design engineer to make decisions that will result in effective mud removal.

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