CEMENTICS Zonal Isolation Software

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Realistic simulation, even in complex wells and challenging environments

CEMENTICS zonal isolation software creates realistic simulations to achieve better cementing design and evaluation in challenging environments. Using both established and newly developed models, CEMENTICS software simulates hydraulic and temperature changes in complex configurations, including deepwater, highly deviated, and horizontal wells, enabling operators to examine the effect of changing drilling fluid properties as pressure and temperature vary.

Improved zonal isolation and reduced contamination risk

CEMENTICS software helps design optimal primary cement jobs and cement plug placement, minimizing contamination risk, maximizing zonal isolation, and increasing cement job success. CEMENTICS software also features WELLCLEAN III pipe and annular mud displacement simulator, which couples pipe and annulus simulation and enables a better understanding of mud displacement in the annulus.

Full suite of design and evaluation tools for customized cement design

 CEMENTICS software features a variety of modules in a single user-friendly interface, and these integrated features help operators create an optimized cementing design tailored to their unique conditions. From well planning and fluid design to simulation to job evaluation, CEMENTICS software enables more accurate simulations and successful cement jobs.

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Saves Operator More Than 15 Hours Per Well

CEMENTICS Software Saves Operator More Than 15 Hours Per Well During Plug Placement
CEMENTICS zonal isolation software enables successful plug placement in challenging, multiwell deepwater development project in Southeast Asia, saving the operator more than 15 hours per well in operational time.
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