CemCADE Cementing Design and Evaluation Software

Design and optimize various cementing job parameters

CemCADE cementing design and evaluation software aids in designing and optimizing various cementing job parameters. This integrated software is applicable for all primary land or offshore cementing operations, from large-diameter surface casing to the deepest liners. It can also optimize plug placement.

Ensuring well security and verifying success

CemCADE software ensures well security at all times during cementing jobs. It optimizes pipe standoff and helps calculate optimal displacement of mud and preflushes (mud removal and cement placement) to reduce the risks of channeling and microannulus (zonal isolation).

Actual job execution data can be imported into CemCADE software to compare design with actual results to verify the success of the operation. SynCBL can be used to simulate the CBL response based on execution job data. This response is compared with the actual CBL data, and interpretation of the cement logs is performed.


  • Increased cement job success rate, reducing costs
  • Safer operations by predicting well security before the job
  • Optimized future improvements with postjob analysis using actual job data

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CemCADE Software Optimizes Fluid Placement

CemCADE U-tube simulation
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