Solids Fraction Monitor Software

Real-Time Quality Control for Cement Slurry

The SFM solids fraction monitor determines liquid-solid ratios accurately, independent of slurry density. The system measures the rate of mix water and slurry flow, calculating the solid fraction from those measurements. Adjustments are made to maintain the slurry at the proper water-to-cement ratio. Maintain your desired slurry properties while continuously mixing and pumping large slurry volumes.

Lower cost

The SFM technology increased success for a Middle East operator. Using the high-solids, low-density LiteCRETE slurry system reduced the hydrostatic pressure, and controlling the solids ratio using SFM technology helped place competent slurry to surface.

The team pumped more than 1,200 bbl of 8.7 lbm/galUS slurry on the 13 3/8-in surface casing job. The designed solids ratio was maintained. With the proper solids ratio, set properties were excellent. Cement evaluation logs confirmed isolation across the zones of interest.

This operator has used SFM technology on more than 40 jobsĀ in a year, ensuring better zonal isolation and reduced workover costs.

Profit from worldwide experience

SFM technology has become the control method of choice for mixing low-density slurries in the US, Mexico, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Indonesia.


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